This website is under development, so this page is simply a marginally more interesting placeholder for the domain than the one provided by the webhost.

Eventually, Creatosophy will explore the role of creativity in everyday life. I’m interested in a range of forms of creativity, including storytelling, textiles, dance, gardening, photography, and traditional and modern crafts, and I’m particularly interested in women’s creativity, and the ways in which internet technologies are encouraging and enabling creative communities to flourish.

I’ve worked with yarn and fabric for over 40 years; sewing, embroidery, knitting,¬†spinning, dyeing, quilting and weaving. I’m also a novelist, with four published romantic thrillers (and the fifth in progress). I’m also an occasional academic, teaching in media and communications.

I’ll be back to work on this site when I’ve finished a couple of other projects with tight deadlines. For now, I’ll leave you with a quote from Soetsu Yanagi:

The special quality of beauty in crafts is that it is a beauty of intimacy…. The beauty of such objects is not so much of the noble, the huge or the lofty, as a beauty of the warm and familiar. Here one may detect a striking difference between the crafts and the arts. People hang their pictures high upon the wall, but they place their objects for everyday use close to them, and take them in their hands.

Hand quilted teapot mat and handmade pottery teapot

Images: Header image: Bone China mug hand-painted by Florence Humphreys; Doily hand-knitted by me. Image above: Teapot from a Bellingen potter (bought some years ago); small quilted mat made by me – machine pieced, hand quilted.

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